Successful holding of the 22nd International Traffic Medicine Conference
  The 22nd International Traffic Medicine Conference was successfully held on May 14th, in the Softel Hotel,which is hosted by the International Traffic Medicine AssociationSponsored by Daping Hospital & Research Institue of Surgery and State Key Laboratory of Vehicle NVH and Safety Technology together .

  The Topic of this conference was "traffic safety and efficient treatment". Chinese and foreign experts warmly discussed topics about the traffic injury epidemiology, adolescents and elderly traffic injuries, alcohol, drugs and traffic safety, the mechanism of traffic injuries, the prevention and treatment of traffic injury, vehicle collisions and traffic safety, road traffic accident investigation and inspection techniques. The experts in the field of transport medicine exchanged and shared the advanced concepts of traffic medicine and techniques to explore the forefront of traffic medicine. The conference also exhibited the latest research results and progress achieved in the area of traffic safety and traffic injury prevention home and abroad.
General.Gao Zhanhu, from the Third Military Medical University,Academician Zhong Zhihua from Chongqing Scientific and Technological Commission,  Academicians Cheng Tianmin and Wang Zhengguo from the Third Military Medical University , Academician Fu Xiaobing from the General Hospital of PLA, Professor Wang Lijun, Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Mr.Lian-jun Gan from Chongqing Scientific and Technological Association, Director Xu Dixiong, from the Scientific Research Department of Third Military Medical University, Director Ren Xiaochang and Xie Fei, from China Automotive Engineering Institute, Commisar Li Yang, from Chongqing Criminal Police Team, Mrs Chen Hua, from Medicine Society of Chongqing, President Zhou Lin and Vice President Chen Hong , from Daping Hospital & Research Institue of Surgery, Professor Lars Englund, the president of International Traffic Medicine Association (ITMA), Professor Leonard Evans, the Honorary President of ITMA and other 34 professors from 16 countries, such as the United States, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary, Australia, Egypt, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia, and also more than 300 experts in the field attended the conference.

  In the opening ceremony, Gao Zhanhu, the political commissar of the Third Military Medical University, firstly welcomed the arrival of the experts, briefly introduced our school and our achievements in traffic medicine. Then Professor WANG Zhengguo, the chairman of this conference gave a warm speech. He said warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the experts gathering in Chongqing in order to improve researches on traffic medicine. Subsequently, Director Ren Xiaochang of China Automobile Engineering Research Institute,the current Chairman of the International Traffic Medicine, Professor Lars Englund, the former President of the International Traffic Medicine, Professor Leonard Evans, Professor Wang Lijun,Chief of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau, and Professor Zhong Zhihua from Chongqing Scientific and Technological Commission gave speeches respectively. They expressed warm congratulations to the opening of conference and wish to take this opportunity to promote exchanges and cooperation, and promote the rapid development of traffic medicine. In addition, Professor Lars Englund, the current Chairman of ITMA, gave the major achievements prize for Professor Donald Reedelmeier from University of Toronto, Canada, also the person in charge of ITMA in North America. During the meeting, Professor Zhou Jihong from the Institute of Traffic Medicine, Third Military Medical University was elected as the Chairman of ITMA in the West Asia.

  During the meeting, Chinese and foreign guests attended the welcome dinner prepared by the organizers to enjoy the exciting programs carefully prepared by the institution, such as mask-change, acrobatics, songs and folk music performances. After the meeting, experts and representatives also visited the China Automobile Engineering Research Institute, the Institute of biological vehicle collision laboratory, the People¨s Auditorium, the Women¨s Patrol Force Patrol platform and the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau. The experts all showed a heartfelt admiration for the great achievements of traffic safety, the colorful culture and the modern atmosphere in Chongqing.

  The 16th International traffic accidents and traffic Medicine Conference was successfully held by our institute in 1999. Professor Wang Zhengguo was elected as the President-designate of ITMA in Dutch in 2009, and also the right to hold the 22nd Transport Medicine Conference in Chongqing. The successfully holding of this conference will strengthen the domestic and international traffic exchanges and cooperation in the field of traffic medicine, and improve the researches on traffic medicine.


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